Tourico Holidays, Inc., Goes “Green”

Tourico Holidays

Tourico Holidays, Inc., Goes Green to Reduce Waste and Costs for Hoteliers, Tour Operators, and Travel Agents Worldwide
An environmentally friendly waste reduction program is launched for suppliers and sellers of wholesale travel inventory

ORLANDO, Fla. (February 26, 2008) − Global wholesale travel brokerage company, Tourico Holidays, Inc., takes a fresh approach by enacting an innovative, cost-effective waste reduction program. This paperless green initiative is not only beneficial to the environment, but significantly reduces the overhead costs of communications for each of the company’s clients and partners, from hoteliers to travel sellers, and ultimately to consumers.

At the core of the company’s “Go Green” program is Tourico Holidays’ commitment to further streamline its services, first by allowing hotel suppliers to access a secure Extranet Suite, or private network, to update their prices, promotions, and cut-off dates. Once an update has been made online, the information is immediately available to the full portfolio of Tourico Holiday’ global client base and distribution channels online.

The cutting edge system also offers a more efficient method of reporting reservations.Hotel suppliers will have unlimited access to all of their reported bookings online, and can review, report, and confirm reservations instantly. For hotel suppliers looking to continue to receive a reservations report outside of the Extranet Suite, Tourico Holidays will fax, upon request, a notice of all confirmed bookings at the hotel’s contracted cut-off time, rather than each time a sale is made. This provides relief to hoteliers from high amounts of notifications, such as previously reported reservation changes and cancellations common to the industry.

An additional innovation is the introduction of the paperless contract. Suppliers can easily load their room rates, terms and conditions, and can electronically sign and submit them in real time. “This is different than extranet-only business models, as we have a legally binding and valuable agreement. Our Extranet Suite allows our suppliers to optimize inventory and revenue by ensuring full access to our company’s dynamic array of distribution models,” explains Asi Ginio, Executive Vice President of Product Development for Tourico Holidays, a Travel Holdings, Inc., company.

“We continue to challenge industry standards by combining traditional extranet tools with other non traditional ones including paperless contracting and reporting, and these changes are yielding instant benefits to our suppliers. The process has been completely streamlined to report sales, cancellations, and sold-outs immediately and electronically,” explains Ginio. “Our website’s wholesale travel clients will also benefit from these same paper and cost savings, and will enjoy swifter access to our vast inventory of travel products.”

Tourico Holidays went “green” February 24, 2008, and now only accepts electronic contracts. Ginio notes, “The opportunity to lessen our environmental influence is one that not only benefits our company’s entire business chain, but one that has a broader impact on the future well-being of our world.”

About Tourico Holidays, Inc.

Tourico Holidays, (, is a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc., a worldwide travel distribution company. Tourico Holidays is a global wholesale travel provider with over 150 international distribution websites, more than 13,000 merchant hotel agreements, operating in 23 languages in over 100 countries. As a supplier to over 2,000 tour operators and travel agents, Tourico Holidays operates and maintains global websites and online interfaces that serve a large diversity of travel sellers.

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Tourico Holidays

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