The Houston Chronicle Highlights LastMinuteTravel.com

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The Houston Chronicle Highlights LastMinuteTravel.com
Poll Question: ‘You had what in your Ziploc bag?’

ORLANDO, Fla. (January 20, 2008) − In a recent article titled “You had what in your bag?” the Houston Chronicle discussed one of LastMinuteTravel.com’s recent poll questions that asked consumers to “spill it” for a chance to win a last-minute getaway. After submitting answers to poll questions online, consumers are automatically entered to win a last-minute trip, which includes roundtrip airfare and a complimentary two-night stay at one of the booking site’s luxurious hotels.

The article discloses the poll’s results in the newspaper’s “Air Travel” section, revealing that the majority of respondents name “underwear” as the most embarrassing item they’ve had displayed by airport security. The Houston Chronicle is the 9th largest U.S. daily newspaper, boasting a circulation of 503,114.

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