Readers of Redbook Magazine List LastMinuteTravel.com as…

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Readers of Redbook Magazine List LastMinuteTravel.com
as an Online Resource for Living a Posh Travel Lifestyle on Less

ORLANDO, Fla. (October 11, 2007) – Redbook magazine recently featured 15 tips from readers on “How to Live Large on Less: Scrimp-Free Strategies for Achieving A Posh Lifestyle – On a Shoestring!” In one reader’s tip about finding the best travel deals at a moment’s notice, LastMinuteTravel.com is listed as one of three online resources for finding bargains on airfare and hotel accommodates to luxurious and exotic locales last-minute, including such international destinations as Fiji and Australia.

Redbook is designed as a guide to entertain and inform young married women about fashion, beauty, marriage, sex, motherhood, celebrities and news topics. In addition to its online readership, the magazine boasts a monthly circulation of 2,374,237 readers.

About LastMinuteTravel.com

Last Minute Travel (www.lastminutetravel.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc., is the premier online Web site for Last Minute Travel deals offering airline tickets, hotel accommodations, vacation packages, car rentals and cruises. A pioneer in selling and marketing online travel, LastMinuteTravel.com allows travelers to find the best deals at the last possible moment, as hotel rates can change every second.

About Travel Holdings, Inc.

Travel Holdings, Inc. (www.travelholdings.com) is among the largest and fastest growing privately held tour operators serving the global travel market, with contracting and sales operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The company serves the B2B, B2C, Group, Affiliate and Corporate Travel sectors and operates its own travel technology company, Travel Global Systems, headquartered in Tel Aviv.

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