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Dominate your market using these video presentations that make your promotions come alive! We feature our high end ExclusiveDeals properties that increase potential margin by 10%.

Contact us to incorporate our 70+ video resources in YOUR marketing efforts.

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Pay Stay Report.

You can access our Exclusive list of 19,000+ Pay stay and percentage off promotions in 2600 properties across 630 cities worldwide.

Just ask your Tourico Holidays Representative about our running list of PayStay Promotions throughout the year.

ExclusiveDeals List.

Our Most Up-to-date list of ExclusiveDeals.

Ask your Sales Manager for the entire inventory of ExclusiveDeals Available in a convenient Excel spreadsheet. Filter by city, country, star rating and more for your go-to resource for major margin opportunities.

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Marketing Solutions

Supplier Resources

Marketing Solutions
Unique insights into travel trends and statistics

Marketing Support

Travel professionals from all regions of the world look to Tourico Holidays for featured deals that they can market to their customers. Our unique insights into travel trends and statistics are the foundation for everything we do.

Tourico Holidays has expanded opportunities for hotels and suppliers to showcase rate and value-add promotions.


Your brand’s image and exposure deserves a well-designed marketing partnership with global travel distributors. And, Tourico Holidays has a stake in your success! See more details.

Red Tag Sale

An ongoing monthly opportunity to move last-minute inventory quickly.


Move room nights through specific, high-volume clients of your choice with unique promotions.

Partnership Marketing Opportunities

Be First, Be Prominent!
We create dynamic marketing strategies to target a global audience through our 4,500 clients worldwide.

With more than 16 Billion searches this year, and the world’s largest airlines relying on Tourico Holidays for their hotel inventory, together we can coop marketing efforts for revenue streams beyond traditional channels.