International Travel Wholesaler Expands Business to France

Tourico Holidays

International Travel Wholesaler Expands Business to France.
Tourico Holidays Opens a New Office in Paris.

Paris/Orlando – November 15 2013 – The innovative travel wholesaler Tourico Holidays continues its expansion plans by opening a new office in Paris for its French Sales and Product Development team.

Julien Kuchenbuch, Regional Director of Product Development, has been chosen to head the new office and has worked for Tourico Holidays in Paris for many years now. Members of his team include Christophe Jacquat and Orna Baily Gibson, both acting Product Managers of Paris, and Jean Francois, Product Manager of France. Francois will be working from outside of Paris, based closely to the city of Lyon. Sales are under the direction of Astrid Simo, Sales Manager for France.

With this new office, Tourico Holidays aims to increase the growth of France as a destination by 75% in 2014. The market share already grew by 16% in 2012, and has so far grown by 55% in 2013. It’s also the travel wholesaler’s goal to increase its client base in France by 50%. To ensure this growth, Tourico Holidays plans to double the number of existing contracts with hotels. In 2013 alone, 20 new partnerships have been secured with French tour operators and travel resellers, all of whom trust the travel wholesaler with their hotels, activities, and car rentals.

“With 28 locations worldwide, Tourico Holidays is extremely well-equipped for global expansion. With the opening of an office in France, we move one step closer to our goal of becoming a real global player”, said Neil Emerson, EVP of Global Product Development. The office is located at 52 rue de la victoire, 75009 Paris.

Tourico Holidays is actively searching for employees, hotels, and tour operators. Those interested in joining the Tourico Holidays team are encouraged to send applications to careers@touricoholidays.com. Hotels interested in increasing their share of international guests should contact julien@touricoholidays.com. New tour operators are welcome to contact  newagent@touricoholidays.com.

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Tourico Holidays, a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc., is a leading global travel distribution company that contracts directly with travel providers, such as hotel, cruise lines, attractions, ground transportation and more. Tourico Holidays works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to over 4,600 clients in 100 countries using proprietary technology.


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