The first all-inclusive platform for travel distributors.

OlympusX is a one-of a kind, client-facing, technology platform that delivers a quintessential user experience and real-time business data and with both simplicity and ease.

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Designed to improve business performance, optimize results, and positively impact revenue, this powerful, innovative, and first to market business tool is a stand out across the travel industry and a market leader ahead of its time.

Competitive Advantages

  • Saves Time
  • Simple to Use
  • All-Inclusive, Multi-faced Tool
  • Interactive Platform
  • Real-time Business Intelligence

Platform Functions:

Mapper Dashboard

  • Most recent and accurate hotel inventory information
  • Real-time data of hotels and ExclusiveDeals that are mapped
  • List of missing hotels and ExclusiveDeals


  • Intuitive dashboard tracking incentives progress
  • Estimation for future months’ production
  • Access to multiple incentive packages

Monthly Report

  • Up-to-date month-over-month and year-over-year growth analysis
  • Detailed number of reservations and revenue of all product lines
  • Downloadable reports in Excel format
  • Opportunities to boost your profit

Marketing Resource Site

  • Massive images of all product lines
  • ExclusiveDeals flyers with selling points
  • ExclusiveDeals banners
  • Videos of ExclusiveDeals and activities

“OlympusX is truly the first all-inclusive, interactive platform for travel distributors that not only allows to capture real-time data that is critical to day-to day operations, but it also identifies areas of potential improvement and growth. Never has there been a singular platform that proactively updates and assists travel distributors with their business, and offers them the automated reporting that brings it all together.”
-Lev Koutamonov, Vice President of API Distribution


Better Technology

Better Technology

Better Technology
Technology leader within the travel industry

Tourico Holidays prides itself on being a leader in technology within the travel industry. Through technology, we aim to lower the costs for our partners and increase revenue. Tourico Holidays looks to automate processes whenever possible and provide our partners with solutions to increase efficiencies and profits. Continue reading


Channels Of Distribution

Channels Of Distribution

Channels Of Distribution
Sales and technical support every step of the way

Product exposure to Tourico Holidays’ 4,400 international clients is easy and expansive. With three different ways that clients work with us: TouricoHolidays.com, White Label or Host-to-Host; Tourico Holidays provides diversified channels to distribute high quality products. Continue reading


Technology Contact

Tourico Holidays - Technology Contact

A technology company that happens to sell travel

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Contact one of our sales & technology members at the following email addresses:

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Latin America & EUMEA: gracielap@touricoholidays.com
North America: nathalia.melo@touricoholidays.com
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Incremental business

By partnering with Tourico Holidays, you will quickly enjoy a diversified technology-driven platform that will instantly expose your product to our well-qualified industry partners located in more than 100 countries. Continue reading