Prices for overnight stays in the USA decrease, destination’s popularity increases.

Prices for overnight stays in the USA decrease, destination's popularity increases | Tourico Holidays

Prices for overnight stays in the USA decrease, destination’s popularity increases.
Tourico Holidays evaluates Europeans’ booking behavior.

Orlando, August 20 2014 – The leading travel wholesaler Tourico Holidays has analyzed the booking behavior of its European customers and found that travel to the United States is becoming increasingly popular. With 8% of all European bookings, New York has moved up from third to second place among the world’s most visited cities and is now almost neck and neck with Paris, which also received 8% of bookings. Third and fourth place on the list of most visited cities go to London with 7% (dropping from second place in 2013) and Amsterdam with 4%, which jumped up two spots compared to its sixth place ranking last year. Las Vegas is new to the top 5 list with 4% of all bookings, rising from tenth to fifth place. Orlando also experienced improvement, moving from fifteenth to twelfth place. Cities that fell from the top 5 list of the most popular destinations in comparison to the previous year are Rome, dropping from fourth to ninth place, and Madrid, which is now number eight after finishing fifth in 2013.

Experts at Tourico Holidays think North America’s increased popularity is likely due to the fact that the USA has become an increasingly more affordable travel destination. In 2013, visitors could expect to pay about 227 USD for an overnight stay in New York City; currently, these rates have dropped to about 219 USD. Prices in Las Vegas and Orlando have dropped from 123 to 117 USD and 98 to 81 USD a night, respectively.

The travel wholesaler’s leading source markets in 2014 are Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, and Romania. However, the largest growth came from other markets; booking numbers have increased by 30% in France and 63% in Switzerland.

Tourico Holidays conducted their analysis by comparing data from the first two quarters of 2013 and 2014. Tourico Holidays leads the wholesale travel industry in big data, collecting hundreds of individual travel metrics since 2004. The travel wholesaler currently receives 90 million searches daily from nearly 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries worldwide. Utilizing proprietary business intelligence and cutting edge data warehouse applications, Tourico Holidays is able to provide clients with superior reporting to support fast and precise decisions.

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